Education is the root of change–and at the root of everything we do.


Whether you are a learner, a teacher, or an organization, we offer many opportunities to learn and grow with biomimicry.

Resources for Educators

Along with influencing how we solve problems and design our world, biomimicry is revolutionizing education—offering teachers a way to inspire students of all ages by integrating biology, STEM, creative problem solving, design, and systems thinking. Explore how we can help you share biomimicry with the next generation of changemakers.

We can help you share biomimicry with the next generation of changemakers.

Biomimicry Education Network (BEN)

The BEN helps educators bring biomimicry into the classroom and facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices. Join the network to download biomimicry curricula and resources and connect with other biomimicry educators around the world.

Ask the Planet CD

The Biomimicry Institute’s award-winning album of children’s music, created to help connect children to nature and develop a sense of awe for the environment. Teaching guides are available for each song.

Youth Education Toolkit

 This free toolkit features a special orientation for teachers new to biomimicry and indexes more than 80 biomimicry lesson plans, activities, videos, and tools geared to students of varied grade levels.

Biomimicry Fellows Program

The Fellows program recognizes individual faculty members and administrators who are working actively to integrating biomimicry into their degree offerings and curricula.

Annual Biomimicry Education Summit

Our Annual summit is an opportunity for educators to convene, share practical approaches, and gain knowledge of recent trends in biomimicry education, outreach and dissemination.

Offerings for Education Organizations

Instructional Design Services

Engage our biomimicry subject matter experts and educators in your next project. We are available to collaborate with your team to develop content for biomimicry curricula, educational programs, museum exhibits, and more. We can also help you build internal capacity via train-the-trainer workshops customized for your organization.

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Academic Partnerships

We partner in a variety of ways with academic institutions that are committed to integrating biomimicry into their education efforts. Our academic partners are developing new courses, making biomimicry an essential component of their degree or certificate programs, and join us in design challenges or similar semester- or year-long projects.

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Learning Opportunities for Individuals

Biomimicry offers a transformative perspective on design and problem solving for students and professionals in any field. Learn more about this growing discipline and how you can apply nature’s lessons in your work.

Join us, wherever you are:

We believe that the widespread adoption of nature-inspired solutions will catalyze a new era in design and business that benefits both people and the planet. Let’s make the act of asking nature’s advice a normal part of everyday inventing. We hope you will join us.

Tree roots photograph by David Berry, CC-BY