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The Wrinkles We Want

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Hope is here.

Share the Biomimicry Institute’s new infographic on your social networks and spread the word: we can use biomimicry to not only learn from nature’s wisdom, but also heal ourselves — and this planet — in the process.

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Seven international teams advance in the Biomimicry Launchpad

Biomimicry accelerates the kinds of breakthroughs we need to halve carbon emissions over the next decade. Meet the seven teams who have advanced to the second stage of the Biomimicry Launchpad, where they’re working to bring their nature-inspired solutions to life.

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Meet a Biomimic: Carlos Rego

Meet Carlos Rego, a biomimicry specialist and designer at Logoplaste Innovation Lab in Portugal. Watch as Carlos sits down with biomimicry educator and biologist Sherry Ritter to share how he has incorporated biomimicry into his work and his life.

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