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Human Spaces 2.0: Biophilic Design in Hospitality

Over the past year, Terrapin collaborated with Interface and Gensler on a series of preliminary studies to bring clarity to biophilic design trends in hospitality. Until now, our biophilic design research has been focused on workplace wellbeing, and we were surprised...

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By John Anderson Lanier Executive Director of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, and one of Ray's five grandchildren. I was 18 years old, and I was feeling the butterflies. I didn’t know where I was going, and Atlanta isn’t the easiest town to navigate. In fact, that...

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Summer Reading List for Biomimics

We asked leaders in the biomimicry community - including Institute staff, founders of the Biomimicry Global Networks, our friends at Biomimicry 3.8, and our co-founder, Janine Benyus - for their summer reading recommendations, and have compiled a great list of books...

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Nature and the Hopeful City

By Kathy Zarsky, founder, BiomimicryTX network Spring in Austin, Texas is the perfect time to contemplate our natural environment. All of our senses are stimulated with bursts of colors, fragrant blossoms (and seasonal allergies for some), bird song, variable weather...

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Meet a Biomimic: Dorna Schroeter

In the time since Janine Benyus’ book, Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature was published in 1997, biomimicry has emerged as a thriving discipline, inspiring thousands to build their careers and lives around nature-inspired design. In a new blog series...

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Biomimicry Bootcamp- where ocean caves are your laboratory

Last weekend, 18 entrepreneurs representing six teams and seven countries gathered in San Anselmo, California, for the first ever Biomimicry & Business Bootcamp, as part of our Biomimicry Accelerator program. These six teams are the finalists in our Global Design...

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Can an Ancient Plant Teach Us How to Create Healthier Soils?

Fast-tracking nature’s design solutions to foster sustainability breakthroughs with the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge. Far up in the Andes mountain range, where the climate is harsh and unforgiving, ancient plants are paving the way for new species to survive and...

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Meet a Biomimic: Nicole Isle

Our next guest on the Meet a Biomimic series is Nicole Isle. Nicole has a strong connection to nature and seeks to guide our communities to live and build sustainably. With a solid foundation in ecology and urban planning, she leads sustainability work at Glumac, a full-service engineering consulting firm. Nicole is also well-versed in biophilia, touching upon the human-nature connection that plays a major role in (re)thinking our space. Read on to learn more about her journey and words of advice.

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How Would Nature Elect a President?

Superorganisms and networked creatures collaborate on complex tasks just as we do. The secret to their success is flexible intelligence—they work in flat, bottom-up networks, sensing and responding to real-time conditions on the frontlines. They don’t filter out diverse signals—they actively seek them out.

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Earth is (already) great

A species can only thrive if its strategies are tuned to the conditions it’s in–and if it’s in beneficial relationships with others. Humans have co-existed as a species on this planet for over 200,000 years as Homo sapiens sapiens. In that time, there have been many disturbances, challenges, and tensions between and amongst us. Somehow, we have eventually learned that we are always better together than alone.

And through it all, we always asked nature for help.

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