Announcing the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize Finalists!

Announcing the 2020
Ray of Hope Prize Finalists!

The Biomimicry Institute and Ray C. Anderson Foundation are proud to announce the 9 finalist teams competing for the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize®. These cutting-edge startups are advancing nature-inspired solutions that address a wide range of problems. From eliminating toxic paints and dyes, to providing a new, regenerative approach to marine infrastructure, these game-changing companies are providing a ray of hope in the world today.

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Seven international teams advance in the Biomimicry Launchpad

Biomimicry accelerates the kinds of breakthroughs we need to halve carbon emissions over the next decade. Meet the seven teams who have advanced to the second stage of the Biomimicry Launchpad, where they’re working to bring their nature-inspired solutions to life.

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Meet a Biomimic: Carlos Rego

Meet Carlos Rego, a biomimicry specialist and designer at Logoplaste Innovation Lab in Portugal. Watch as Carlos sits down with biomimicry educator and biologist Sherry Ritter to share how he has incorporated biomimicry into his work and his life.

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Learning the Lessons of the Planet

As a science educator, I feel we can and should do a far better job of helping people see and understand the systems that govern our world, and internalize the lessons they can teach us. 

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Welcome to the Climate-Change-Reversing Invention Convention

At its heart, Bioneers is a nexus to explore nature-inspired solutions to social and environmental challenges. This year’s summit also served as the culmination of the third-annual Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, sponsored by the Biomimicry Institute in partnership with the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Sierra Magazine profiled each of the teams who took the stage at Bioneers this year, sharing details about their planet-saving innovations.

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Planting more forest in less time: Nature-inspired reforestation solution captures the 2018 Ray of Hope Prize

Nucleário, an all-in-one reforestation solution, designed to be used in remote areas of the Atlantic rainforest, has won the 2018 Ray of Hope Prize®.

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These entrepreneurs are looking to nature to develop innovations that give more than they take.

This year at Bioneers, six international teams from the Biomimicry Launchpad will showcase their climate change solutions, all based on lessons learned from living systems.

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Challenge yourself to design generously.

Can human designs give more to the planet than they take? We need a new generation of innovators, who know how to create man-made materials, products, and systems that are regenerative, circular, and generous to all species.

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Closing water loops, building community

Meet two Launchpad alumni teams who are part of a European Union-funded project that is using nature-based systems to close water loops, feed the soil, and promote local economies.

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Hungry for solutions? Here are eight bold new ideas, inspired by nature.

Game-changing ideas begin by seeing the possibilities for a sustainable world reflected in the living systems that surround us. That’s what we celebrate each year in the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.

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