How Would Nature Elect a President?

How Would Nature Elect a President?

Superorganisms and networked creatures collaborate on complex tasks just as we do. The secret to their success is flexible intelligence—they work in flat, bottom-up networks, sensing and responding to real-time conditions on the frontlines. They don’t filter out diverse signals—they actively seek them out.

Those Other Senses

In June, we held an Introduction to Biomimicry Education Training workshop on Thompson Island, Boston, MA. As we do in all of our workshops, whether with young children, teachers, or petroleum engineers, we spent time quietly, individually observing nature. It’s...

17-Year Cicadas: More Than Just Loud Noise!

For people living in the eastern United States, early summer in can involve a lot of time spent trying to talk over the sound of cidadas calling. Millions of cicadas, Magicicada septendecim, emerge every 17 years to mature, call, mate, lay eggs, feed, and return to...

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