Ray of Hope Prize Finalists

The Ray of Hope Prize identifies the top nature-inspired startups in the world and fosters their growth by providing 
sustainable business training, communications support, and opportunities for funding—the top being a $100,000 prize.

Youth Design Challenge

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Submissions are due April 2023.

At the Biomimicry Institute, we are the bridge between biology and design, advancing the adoption of nature-inspired strategies to help solve the most pressing problems of our time.

We make it easy to learn how
to ask nature to solve the critical
problems in a sustainable way.


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Biomimicry Finding Success in Deep Tech

3 Ray of Hope Prize Alumni Win Big at the Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Global Summit.

Why Startups with the Right Sustainability Data are Poised to Thrive

Navigating the landscape of sustainable reporting frameworks is not easy or affordable for most startups. Instead, they need to focus on being lean and flexible to survive the early stages while striving for an ambitious impact-focused mission. However, some recent news from the White House and UN make us believe that startups that are prepared with the right sustainability data will thrive with a unique value proposition.

Not the “Zombie Fungus” from The Last of Us, But Disruptive Just the Same

With the hit HBO series The Last of Us, we wanted to take some time to talk about Fungi. While the zombie causing fungus makes for must watch TV, we have another type of fungi we are watching. Let’s dive into the fantastical world of fungi.

A Startup Support Program Focused on Founders and Their Connection to Nature

The Biomimicry Institute helps startup founders challenge themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally by taking them to camp (literally). Read about how this approach helps to unlock creativity, tap into next-level networking connections, and expand opportunities for business that would have otherwise been missed. 

The Promise of Biomimicry


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Imagine a world where everything we make is inspired by the natural world. By supporting the Biomimicry Institute, you:

  • Help bring biomimicry education to more students
  • Accelerate the growth of nature-inspired startups
  • Increase the number of biological strategies and resources on AskNature.org and across our entire organization

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