Biomimicry Design Challenge curriculum module


This material is an excerpt from Biomimicry and Science: Applying Nature’s Strategies, a standards-aligned high school curriculum co-authored by the Biomimicry Institute and EcoRise Youth Innovations. We are excited to offer this module free of charge to teachers working with students who are entering the Institute’s Biomimicry Global Design Challenge or pursuing a similar long-term biomimicry project, such as a capstone.

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Product Description

The lessons in the Biomimicry Design Challenge Module blend biomimicry teaching strategies and educational materials created by the Biomimicry Institute with EcoRise’s Design Studio, a program that teaches design thinking for the K–12 classroom.  The Design Challenge Module was originally written for high school students, but has been successfully adapted for use with middle schoolers as well.

Grow your biomimicry program with the complete curriculum!

The complete curriculum, Biomimicry and Science: Applying Nature’s Strategies, includes 15 unique and engaging biomimicry-based science lessons (five for each of three core areas: chemistry, physics, and biology) with additional resources, and this Biomimicry Challenge Module. Learn more and purchase the full Biomimicry and Science Curriculum via EcoRise.

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