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 Latest edition



2015 November

    • #ThankOutside – What are you grateful for in nature?
    • From the blog:
      • Urban mobility reloaded: Planning our future cities
      • Community credit: The next generation of financial architecture
      • Climate change: What would nature do?
    • In the news
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Biomimicry Big Top Tent at the 2015 Disruptive Innovation Festival
      • North American BioBlitz 2016







2015 October

    • Relive the magic of the biomimicry celebrations in Austin, TX as part of SXSW Eco, the 8th Annual Education Summit, and the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge awards event.
    • Full link to Biomimicry, a film produced by Leonardo DiCaprio and Tree Media and starring Janine Benyus
    • In the news
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Biomimicry Big Top Tent at the 2015 Disruptive Innovation Festival
      • 2016 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge launches

2015 September

    • Eight fresh ideas: 2015 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge finalists announced!
    • Watch a video of teams learning that they made it to the finalist round.
    • Read the latest from the Institute blog, Asking Nature
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Prairie Lab Experience
      • 8th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit and SXSW Eco biomimicry track
      • National Bioneers Conference
      • VERGE2015

2015 August

    • Read the latest from the Institute blog, Asking Nature
    • Beth Rattner speaks at TEDx Sacramento
    • New on AskNature: a biomimetic cargo ship inspired by cuttlefish, and a sample of new and updated strategy pages
    • In the News
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Prairie Lab Experience
      • Living Product Expo
      • 7th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit and SXSW Eco biomimicry track
      • National Bioneers Conference
      • VERGE2015

2015 July

    • Join us for events surrounding SXSW Eco 2015
      • 8th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit
      • Biomimicry Global Design Challenge awards event
      • Welcome reception
      • SXSW Eco biomimicry track, with Janine Benyus as a featured speaker
    • Announcing Asking Nature – a new biomimicry blog
    • In the News
    • Upcoming Events:
      • Biomimicry Global Design Challenge submission deadline
      • VERGE2015

2015 June

    • Biomimicry Global Design Challenge update
    • Video from a BGDC team
    • In the News
    • Upcoming Events:
      • 8th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit
      • SXSW Eco 2015 – biomimicry track
      • Prairie Lab’s Chicago Immersion Workshops
      • 9th Annual Veracruz Biomimicry & Design Workshop
      • Global Design Challenge webinar: Biomimicry and Business Planning

2015 May

      • SXSW Eco to feature Janine Benyus
      • 8th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit call for proposals
      • Join the Great Nature Project’s Global Snapshot
      • Innovation at the Institute: CE100 and LAUNCH Nordic events in Copenhagen, “Nature is the Next Silicon Valley” pitch event, and Design for Circular Innovation workshop at SunPower HQ
      • Upcoming Events:
        • Engineering Inspired by Nature: course for educators
        • 9th Annual Veracruz Biomimicry & Design Workshop
        • Global Design Challenge webinar: From Inspiration to Application
        • 2015 National Bioneers Conference

2015 April

        • Happy Earth Day!
        • Apply to present at SXSW Eco 2015
        • Three new staff members join the Institute
        • Thanks to our matching donors
        • Upcoming Events:
          • Prairie Lab’s Chicago Biomimicry Immersion
          • Engineering Inspired by Nature: course for educators
          • 9th Annual Veracruz Biomimicry & Design Workshop
          • Global Design Challenge webinar
          • Love Thy Nature film
        • Biomimicry in the News
        • Join the conversation!

2015 March

        • Explore biomimicry in paradise at the 9th Annual Veracruz Biomimicry and Design Workshop
        • Save the Date: Biomimicry at SXSW Eco 2015
        • How does nature create resilient food systems?
        • Teaming up with Grist to change the food system
        • Biomimicry in the news
        • Upcoming events – Living Future 2015 unConference
        • Join the conversation!

2015 February

        • Top 3 Tips from the 2013 Global Challenge Winning Team
        • AskNature Featured in National Geographic’s Great Nature Project
        • Jump-start Your Food System Innovation With FREE Monthly Webinars
        • NJ Students Create Biomimicry Trail Signs
        • Upcoming Events – Chicago Biomimicry Immersion and the 9th Annual Veracruz Biomimicry and Design Workshop

2015 January

          • Ready to Revolutionize Our Food System?
          • New Biomimicry Global Design Challenge promo
          • We’re Hiring for an AskNature Content Coordinator
          • AskNature Spotlight: A Nicer Needle
          • News From the Network
          • GreenBiz Forum 2015 discount code
          • Thanks to our sponsors




2014 December

        • How Do You Design A Better Food System? Think Outside!
        • Building a Global Biomimicry Movement
        • Meet An AskNature Contributor
        • AskNature Partners With Zygote Quarterly






2013 December

        • Bryony Schwan Steps Down as Executive Director, Beth Rattner Steps Up
        • Janine Benyus Shares Gothenburg Award with Pavan Sukhdev
        • Business Accelerator Round to Be Offered in Design Challenge
        • Get a Personally Inscribed Copy of Janine Benyus’ Book on Biomimicry
        • Staying Warm: Learning from Nature’s Strategies

2013 November

        • MAKE Magazine Launches Biomimicry Series
        • This Holiday Season, Make Your Clicks Count
        • New, Updated Biomimicry Case Studies Available through BEN
        • Want to “Green” STEM Education? Take this Biomimicry Webinar
        • Biomimicry Enchants Kids and Parents at Halloween Event
        • New Staff Join AskNature Team

2013 October

        • No Nature, No Business: Amy Larkin Talk Now Online
        • How Would YOU Like Biomimicry to Improve Transportation?
        • Applications Now Accepted for Biomimicry Fellowship
        • Special Discount to Bioneers for Newsletter Readers
        • Donors Treated to Incredible Views, Wildlife Sightings in Yellowstone

2013 September

        • Student Design Challenge Launched, Focus Is on Transportation Needs
        • UC Berkeley Chemistry Students to Use Biomimicry in Textile Challenge
        • Nature-Inspired Chemistry Curricula Now Available in Spanish
        • SXSW Eco Exhibition to Implement Biomimicry Principles; Get Discount
        • Institute Work Featured in New Book on Biologically Inspired Design
        • You Are an Important Part of Our Ecoysystem

2013 August

        • Biomimicry Documentary to Air on PBS
        • Digital Version of Biomimicry Handbook Available
        • California County Designs Employee Network Using Life’s Principles
        • Entrepreneurial Training Course to Be Offered through Biomimicry Affiliate
        • Show the World You Support Biomimicry

2013 July

        • See What Got Participants Dancing at the Education Summit and Global Conference
        • Design Challenge, Best of Biomimicry Awards Announced at Gala Event
        • AskNature Growth Includes New Hire and User Experience Agency
        • Former Cradle to Cradle Executive Appointed Institute’s Interim Director
        • AskNature Growth Includes New Hire and User Experience Agency
        • Experience Biomimicry Under the Big Sky
        • Attend a Biomimicry Expedition in the Okavango Delta

2013 June

        • Join Janine Benyus in a Twitter Chat Today, June 6
        • Biomimicry 3.8 Co-Founders to Give Keynote and Closing Address at Summit/Conference
        • Finalists from Biomimicry Student Design Challenge to Compete in Boston
        • Video Contest Winner Wants Biomimicry to Address Challenges in Refugee Camps
        • Explore Yellowstone National Park with Janine Benyus
        • Gratitude for Our Student Design Challenge Volunteer Judges

2013 May

        • Last Chance to Apply for Education Summit Scholarship: May 8
        • 2011-2012 Annual Report Available Online
        • Register for Biomimicry and Design Workshop in China
        • AskNature to Unveil New Search Functionality
        • Purchase Film Festival Favorite Second Nature: The Biomimicry Evolution
        • Fulbright Awards Will Bring Biomimicry to Croatia, India
        • Water for Refugees: A Biomimicry Student Challenge

2013 April

        • Award-winning Designer Neri Oxman to Speak at Summit & Global Conference
        • Call for Nominations: The Best of Biomimicry
        • Introduction to Biomimicry in Education Workshop Offered at Summit
        • Student Designers Hone Business Plans for Round Two of Competition
        • Learn Biomimicry and Design in the Mexican Rainforest
        • Now Hiring: AskNature Content and Community Manager
        • Three New Board Members Bring Their Passion for Biomimicry to the Institute

2013 March

        • Fish Gills Inspire Winning Team in Student Design Challenge
        • New Life-Friendly Chemistry Lab Available for High School Teachers
        • Nature Will Be Your Teacher, BProfessional Will Be Your Guide
        • Scholarships Available for Those Attending Conference; Early Bird Registration Deadline March 15
        • Biomimicry Oregon Explores Nature’s Stormwater Management
        • Spotlight on: David Oakey

2013 February

        • Global Biomimicry Network Gathers for First Meeting in Austin
        • Early Birds Save on Summit and Conference Registration
        • Fourteen Certified Biomimicry Professionals Graduate in Costa Rica
        • Biomimicry Youth Challenge and Call for Posters

2013 January

        • Save the Date for the 7th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit
        • View Design Proposals from First Round Finalists of Student Design Challenge
        • Your Support Gives Us Sustenance
        • Find Life-Friendly Chemistry Strategies on AskNature
        • Three New Faculty Join Biomimicry Fellows Program
        • Take in the View of Our Biomimicry Certificate Programs with a Free iSite




2012 December

        • Become a Certified Biomimicry Professional
        • Big Changes for Biomimicry Youth Challenge
        • Give the Gift of Biomimicry this Season
        • Educators: Submit Your Proposal for Biomimicry Youth Challenge
        • Biomimicry Magazine Nominated for Awards

2012 November

        • In Memoriam
        • Concrete without Quarries: Revolutionizing the School Chemistry Lab
        • Call for Presenters at the Biomimicry Education Summit, Boston
        • University Student Design Challenge Attracts 340 Teams
        • UMass Boston Approves Biomimicry Course for Science Requirement
        • New York Celebrates Biomimicry; Design Mind Award
        • Conference Addresses Solutions to Environmental Challenges

2012 October

        • Weisman Art Museum Features Biomimicry in Design Exhibit
        • Just a Few Weeks Left to Register for the Student Design Challenge
        • Biomimicry Education: Taking Root Around the World
        • Take Your Biomimicry Experience to the Next Level
        • Start Spreading the News: Biomimicry Week Begins Oct. 15
        • Exploring Nature’s Toolbox at the “Field”
        • Biomimicry Workshop Findings to Be Presented at Bioneers

2012 September

        • Students: Tap Nature’s Genius to Solve Water Challenges
        • Join the Biomimicry Conversation; Participate in SXSW Eco via Twitter
        • Watch Our New Foundational Course Trailer
        • Israel Launches Biomimicry Nature Trail

2012 August

        • Michelle Obama Honors Janine Benyus at White House Lunch
        • University Students to Tackle Water Management for Design Challenge
        • Biomimicry Youth Challenge Registration Now Open
        • What You Can Learn About Biomimicry in a Week
        • Educators: Let’s Network!
        • HOK Builds Orphanage in Haiti Using Biomimicry

2012 July

        • Pofoxeavertle Coat, Pill Bug Sledge Win Biomimicry Youth Challenge
        • Almost Here: Your Chance to Study Biomimicry in Scotland Next Month
        • 6th Annual Biomimicry Education Summit Energizes Our Flock
        • New Keystone Society Honors Major Donor Support
        • Warning: We’ve Launched Our New Youtube Channel
        • Biomimicry 3.8 Institute Board of Directors Evolves
        • AskNature Nugget
        • AskNature Strategies and Products
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2012 June

        • Janine Benyus Wins Design Mind Award
        • Scholarships Awarded for Ed Summit; Richard Louv to Give Opening Address
        • Three Design Challenge Teams Take Their Projects to the Next Level
        • Learn Biomimicry in Your Living Room
        • Spend a Week Learning Biomimicry in Scotland
        • Missed our Higher Education Webinar? Proceedings Now Available
        • Institute Staff Provide Costa Rican Naturalists with Biomimicry Training
        • AskNature Nugget
        • AskNature Featured Strategies
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2012 May

        • InterfaceFlor Dedicates Sales Catalog to Biomimicry
        • Pre-Summit Workshop to Introduce Biomimicry to Educators
        • Scholarship Funds Available for Biomimicry Education Summit
        • Design Charrettes Generate Ideas for AskNature 2.0
        • Nantucket Biomimicry Workshop Offered
        • Biomimicry Alum Creates Buzz-Worthy Design
        • AskNature Nugget
        • AskNature Featured Product
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2012 April

        • Celebrate Earth Day with Ask the Planet, Ahora en Español
        • Meet the New Biomimicry 3.8 Institute Staffers
        • Institute Selected by Carnegie Foundation to Attend STEM Workshop
        • First Biomimicry Course in Israel Launches at the Safari
        • AskNature Nugget: Giraffe
        • AskNature Strategy: Arapaima
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2012 March

        • Snail-Inspired Design Wins Biomimicry Student Design Challenge
        • Registration for Biomimicry Education Summit Now Open
        • New Online Master’s Program Focuses on Sustainable Design
        • Environmental Documentary Features Janine Benyus
        • New Biomimicry Sites Worth Bookmarking
        • AskNature Featured Strategy: Desert Scorpion
        • AskNature Nugget: Starfish
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2012 February

        • Biomimicry Documentary to Travel with Wild & Scenic Film Festival
        • Finalists in Biomimicry Student Design Challenge Announced
        • Save the Date for the Biomimicry Education Summit
        • ASU Design Students Find Inspiration in Panama Tropics
        • Great Scot! Biomimicry Educators’ Training to Be Held in Findhorn

AskNature Nugget

: Desert Holly
        • AskNature Strategy

: Leaf-Cutting Ant
        • Spotlight on: Sarah Martin
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2012 January 

          • Together, We Make a Great Team
          • Let the Judging Begin: Panel to Select Finalists for SDC
          • Institute Staff Travel to New Zealand to Discuss Biomimicry and Conservation
          • Register Today for Biomimicry in Higher Education Webinar
          • Biomimicry Youth Challenge Deadline Approaching
          • Advanced PhD Program Launching Now; Applications Due in February
          • AskNature Nugget: Pistol Shrimp
          • AskNature Featured Product: SMIT Solar Ivy
          • Biomimicry Research and Design News


2011 December

        • More on Our Name: Biomimicry 3.8 Institute
        • Double Your Donation in December
        • Registration Now Open for 2012 Biomimicry Youth Challenge
        • Biomimicry Comes to the Big City
        • Introducing AskNature Nuggets
        • AskNature Featured Strategy
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 November

        • Life’s Operating Manual Presented at Bioneers
        • California Academy of Sciences Hosts Biomimicry Events
        • New Biomimicry Case Studies Presented at Greenbuild
        • Japan Joins Biomimicry Network
        • Student Design Challenge Goes International
        • Support the Student Design Challenge and Biomimicry Education
        • AskNature Featured Strategy
        • Volunteer Spotlight: Linda Paisley
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 October

        • Janine Benyus Addresses Form and Function at Clinton Global Initiative
        • Kids Spend a Night at the Museum, Biomimicry Style
        • Save the Date: 2012 Biomimicry Education Summit
        • Proposed Biomimicry Education Mentors Network Wins Recognition

Our Next Evolutionary Leap: Biomimicry 3.8
        • AskNature Featured Strategy and Product
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 September

        • Our Next Evolutionary Leap – Biomimicry 3.8
        • TBI Founder Receives Prestigious Award
        • Student Design Challenge Opens
        • Biomimicry on Display in Europe
        • A “Peeing” Car at a Middle School Science Fair
        • Veracruz Biomimicry Workshop Attracts Diverse Crowd
        • Watch Our Education Summit Highlight Reel
        • Newsletter Survey Results In
        • Remembering Ray Anderson
        • AskNature Featured Product
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 August 

        • Student Innovators: We Challenge You to Tackle Climate Change!
        • A Biomimicry Education Fellow Goes the Distance for Sustainability
        • Follow Janine Benyus on a Biomimicry Journey Through Africa in Second Nature
        • Register for Biomimicry Workshop and Receive 20% Discount off Bioneers
        • Don’t Forget: Complete Our Survey and We’ll Donate to Grizzly Habitat Preservation
        • AskNature Featured Product: The Humpback Fin
        • Volunteer Spotlight: Arno Vlooswijk
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 July

        • 5th Annual Ed Summit Gathers Leaders in Biomimicry Education
        • Give Us Your Thoughts and We’ll Give to Grizzly Bear Conservation
        • Former Biomimicry & Design Student Starts Urban Community Inspired by Baboons
        • Get 20% Discount off 2011 Bioneers Conference Registration
        •  AskNature Featured Strategies: Cooling Down
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 June

        • Young Innovators Display Ingenuity in Inaugural Biomimicry Design Challenge
        • Update: Renowned Green Chemistry Expert to Keynote Education Summit
        • TBI Celebrates Benyus’ Honorary Degree, New Edition of Biomimicry Book
        • AskNature Featured Strategy: golden-fronted woodpecker
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 May

        • Early Bird Registration for Education Summit Ends May 16
        • Announcing Our Next Student Design Challenge: Fall Semester (Save the Date!)
        • Help Us Spread the Word on Biomimicry
        • Proceedings Published: Education Webinar
        • AskNature: Featured Strategy: blue penguin
        • Volunteer Spotlight: Dona Boggs Aitken
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 April

        • Biomimicry Panel Is Tweeted, Illustrated at SXSW
        • NYSERDA Partnership Provides Biomimicry Resources for New York
        • The Great TV Rebellion Is Back!
        • Three More Institutions Commit to Developing Biomimicry Degrees
        • Second Nature Documentary Named Crowd Favorite at Film Festival
        • Japanese Delegation Visits Missoula
        • AskNature Featured Strategy: coralline algae
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 March

        • Participate in our SXSW Biomimicry Panel
        • Win a Spot in a Biomimicry Backyard Workshop
        • Save the Date for Education Summit: June 27-29, Cleveland, OH
        • Biomimicry Mural Chosen for International Public Art Event
        • Ask Nature Featured Product: Vitalis PET Bottle
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News

2011 January

          • Biomimicry Film to Premiere at Festival
          • Register Now for Higher Education Webinar
          • Get to Know the TBI Team
          • Monterey Bay Aquarium Launches Biomimicry Exhibit
          • AskNature Featured Strategy Humidity changes exoskeleton color: Hercules beetle
          • Biomimicry Research and Design News


2010 December

        • Lipscomb University Becomes World’s Fourth Biomimicry Affiliate
        • Your Donation Helps Inspire the Next Generation of Biomimics
        • Register Now for Higher Education Webinar
        • New Biomimicry Professional Education Opportunities Available
        • AskNature Featured Strategy Tongue defeats gravity: cats
        • A Warm Thanks to AskNature User Duarte Miguel Prazeres
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 November

        • Obama Administration Features Janine Benyus at GreenGov Symposium
        • Biomimicry Exhibit Opens for Dutch Design Week
        • Squirrels Know Best: Start Storing Your Holiday Gifts Now
        • Send a Biomimicry Holiday eCard
        • AskNature Featured Strategy Antlers resist fracture: elk
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 October

        • Imagine Your Pathway: Biomimicry Professional Pathways Launches March 2011
        • Call for Abstracts: Biomimicry in Higher Education Webinar
        • TBI Launches First Annual Biomimicry Youth Challenge
        • Virtual Bouquet to Volunteer Kimberly Vincent
        • AskNature Featured Strategy Blubber absorbs heat: bottlenose dolphin
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 September

        • AskNature Wins Earth Award!
        • Online Biomimicry Course for Youth Educators Launched
        • Staff Changes at the Institute
        • Teaching the Teachers at the Center for Ecoliteracy AskNature Featured Product
        • Insulated glass reduces bird collisions
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 August

        • How Would Nature Build Community?
        • Israeli Biomimicry Organization Forms
        • Add Photos, Illustrations, Videos to AskNature
        • AskNature Featured Strategies Roots attach firmly: English Ivy Nanoparticles block UV light: English Ivy
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 July

        • Mexican Biomimicry Workshop Addresses Local Design Challenge
        • Biomimicry Seed Planted in the Netherlands
        • What can an Elephant Teach You about Communication? Join us in South Africa and Find Out!
        • AskNature Featured Product FLOWE Wind Farm Design
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 June

        • Thanks for Making the TV Rebellion a Great Success!
        • FastCompany Shows Biomimicry in Action
        • Become a Certified Biomimicry Professional
        • AskNature Featured Strategy Unique antifreeze protects from extreme cold: Alaskan Upis beetle
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 May

        • World’s First Biomimicry Nature Trail Unveiled
        • Fourth-Grader Wins National Science Contest with Biomimetic Design
        • Better than Summer School: Register for Biomimicry Workshops Today!
        • AskNature Featured Strategy Flotation in turbulent waters: Heteropterid bugs
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 April

        • Turn off the TV and Turn on Nature for Earth Week
        • Biomimicry Student Profile: Erin Leitch
        • Space Limited for 4th Annual Veracruz Biomimicry & Design Workshop
        • AskNature Featured Strategy Spotted boxfish maintains stability in turbulence
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 February

        • Biomimetic Bulkheads Could Spur River Recovery
        • Apply to be a Biomimicry Fellow
        • Biomimicry Group Seeks Chief Operating Officer
        • AskNature Featured Strategy: Slime Mold
        • Biomimicry Research and Design News Roundup

2010 January

          • Volunteers are critical to our success
          • 2009 Noble Prize Laureates: gecko and spider
          • Help us add products to AskNature
          • AskNature featured strategies: What can we learn from tropical rainforests?
          • Biomimicry research and design news roundup


2009 December

        • The Biomimicry Institute ’06-’09 available online and in print
        • Meeting of the minds: envisioning the evolution of design education
        • Biomimicry receives a warm welcome in Europe
        • Moving cilia create iridescence: comb jellies
        • Biomimicry research and design news roundup

2009 November

        • Education Panel Generates Excitement Around Teaching Biomimicry
        • City Master Plan to Incorporate Ecological Standards
        • Thanks for your support!
        • Rocky Mountain Swarm
        • Biomimicry Research and Design Roundup

2009 October

        • Non-formal Biomimicry Education
        • Biomimicry Momentum in South Africa
        • Research and Design News Roundup

2009 September

        • First Bioimimicry Affiliate Institutions
        • Local Biomimicry Groups
        • Mexico Workshop Roundup

2009 August

        • Celebrating Success and Planning for the Future of Biomimicry Education
        • AskNature Needs your Design Sketches
        • Janine Benyus at TEDGlobal
        • Biomimicry Research & Design News Roundup

2009 June

        • Growth, New Talent, Steady Success
        • Awards for biomimicry music CD Ask the Planet
        • Biomimicry in Community Planning

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