Museum Partnerships

We partner with diverse institutions to create experiences where visitors of all ages can learn from nature.

Partner with Us

The Biomimicry Institute partners with informal educational institutions, including science and technology centers, design museums, botanical gardens and natural history centers, to create learning opportunities for biomimicry and nature-inspired design. We work with teams on the following:

  • Exhibit Consulting
  • Visual Design Assets
  • Education Programming and Curricula
  • AskNature Collections of Site-Specific Biological Strategies

Contact Megan Dwyer, Partnership and Brand Strategy Director, to learn more on how we can work together.

Featured Partnership

Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity is a traveling exhibition that invites visitors of all ages to explore fundamental concepts of biomimicry through hands-on design challenges, spotlighting the interplay between the art and science of nature and how it continutes to inform our world.

Built by the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, in partnership with the Biomimicry Institute, this bilingual Spanish-forward exhibit reveals how animals and nature work in unique, sustainable, and efficient ways. Today’s engineers have much to learn from the natural world and our next great design may come from YOU!

Visit the exhibit website to learn more and find out when it might be in your area.

Is Creatividad silvestreWild Creativity coming to your venue? The Biomimicry Institute is available to support institutions that host the exhibit by providing additional resources and learning opportunities tailored to your audience. Contact Megan Dwyer, Partnership and Brand Strategy Director, to explore opportunities.

Other Museum Collaborations

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Nature-Inspired Learners

It will take many hands to move human activity into greater harmony with the rest of nature. If you would like to support our work in bringing jargon-free science communication and resources to educate and inspire learners of all ages, we’d love to hear from you.

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