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Strengthening the “fragility of grand discoveries” with biomimicry

Strengthening the “fragility of grand discoveries” with biomimicry

Close calls make for compelling origin stories, but the sheer randomness of this approach to scientific innovation means that we may be missing a lot. It’s discouraging to think that small decisions and chance events have enough sway to knock innovators off course so easily, even with the rigors of the scientific process. So what can we do to strengthen this “fragility of grand discoveries?” We can start by looking in the right places to begin with.

Where will @Biomimicry38 be in 2016? @JanineBenyus + @DaynaBaumeister will be speaking at @Bloomberg @Living_Future

New 50 mW #windturbine under development uses #biomimicry in its design w rotors that adapt to wind: @LockheedMartin

Strengthening the “fragility of grand discoveries” with #biomimicry by @airnsea #innovation

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