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AskNature is a field guide to the natural world, designed to draw your eye to what we can learn from nature––not just about. It is a free and open tool that is helping nature-inspired design become standard practice for all.


The Value of Asking Nature

The human-constructed world is ripe for a deep redesign, and this time, it needs to be good for all life. Fortunately, we are surrounded by experts in life-enhancing design—the organisms and living systems that have been developing in an epic give and take for billions of years. One barrier to learning more from them is the lack of tools to transfer knowledge from nature to human design. So, we created a Rosetta Stone between “biological blueprints” and modern design of products, processes, and systems. This is

Visitors to AskNature Can Access:

Biological Strategies

Crafted by an expert team of science communicators, these pages use jargon-free language and clear visuals to reveal adaptations from other living organisms that human innovators can translate into design to solve sustainability challenges.

Inspired Innovations

These pages contain examples of biomimicry in application. AskNature is the only place to find a consolidated list of bio-inspired products and processes from established companies, entrepreneurs, and academic researchers.

Educational Resources

The students of today will design the world of tomorrow. We offer lesson plans and other materials for training them in the practice of biomimicry with grade-appropriate projects throughout their years of formal education.

Organized Collections

Biological Strategies, Innovations, and Educational Resources are curated to draw attention to important and inspiring themes. Reflect on big ideas in biomimicry with essays from thought-leaders, researchers, artists, and others across disciplines.

“AskNature is a place where you get design inspiration, but I hope it’s also a place where you’re just awestruck daily. Awestruck, and filled with respect.”

Janine Benyus​,
Co-Founder, Biomimicry Institute

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