Nurturing A New Species
of Entrepreneur

We’re equipping a new generation of innovators to address the most critical issues of our time by looking to nature to design solutions that give more than they take.


Explore nature’s solutions and the ideas they’ve inspired with this powerful, free online tool.

Teach STEM in a whole new way with a biomimicry challenge tailored for 6-12th grade learners.

Learn biomimicry while creating real solutions to climate change. Win prizes and the chance to join the Biomimicry Launchpad!

Get support to bring your nature-inspired design to market and a chance to win the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®. 


WatchTower Robotics Wins!

This year’s $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize® winner set out to address the problem of assessing water utility pipes for leaks, looking to nature to inform their solution.


10 Finalist Teams Use Lessons from Nature to Create Radical Solutions to Climate Change Problems

Meet a Biomimic: Felipe Hernandez Villa-Roel, CEO and Founder of Hexagro Urban Farming

10 Finalist Teams Use Lessons from Nature to Create Radical Solutions to Climate Change Problems

Nature-inspired water leak detection system wins the 2019 $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize

Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge: And the Winners Are…

“When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world.”

Janine Benyus  / Co-founder, The Biomimicry Institute

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Support a new era of design

Imagine a world where everything we make is inspired by, and connected to, the natural world. With your support, this vision is becoming a reality. Learn how to join us in developing the next generation of innovators whose designs will help both people and planet thrive.

The next big idea in sustainability is probably a million years old. Join the Biomimicry Institute to discover nature’s wisdom.

Biomimicry provides a different perspective of life - it helps reconnect me to nature.

Julia Chiang, Biomimicry Taiwan

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