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Through biomimicry education and entrepreneurship, we’re helping people create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet.


Explore nature’s solutions and the ideas they’ve inspired with this powerful, free online tool.

Teach STEM in a whole new way with a biomimicry challenge tailored for 6-12th grade learners.

Learn biomimicry while creating real solutions to climate change. Win prizes and the chance to join the Biomimicry Launchpad!

Get support to bring your nature-inspired design to market and a chance to win the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®. 


And the winners are…

A tidal energy harvester inspired by jellyfish. A soil erosion solution that mimics a kingfisher’s eyelid. A mosquito-control device that functions like carnivorous plants. Meet the 2018 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge winning teams, who see the possibilities for a sustainable world reflected in the living systems that surround us.


Designing a bright future

A design team from Mexico transforms a biomimicry challenge win into a thriving new interdisciplinary consultancy.

Planting trees, capturing carbon, cleaning the air: These innovators are looking to nature to develop innovations that give more than they take.

Part 1 of 2 By: Erin Connelly, Communications Director, Biomimicry Institute The most recent climate change report from the UN was yet another wake-up call that business as usual won’t stop the runaway effects of our warming planet. It’s time to focus on solutions and...

Challenge yourself to design generously.

Can human designs give more to the planet than they take? We need a new generation of innovators, who know how to create man-made materials, products, and systems that are regenerative, circular, and generous to all species.

Closing water loops, building community

Meet two Launchpad alumni teams who are part of a European Union-funded project that is using nature-based systems to close water loops, feed the soil, and promote local economies.

Hungry for solutions? Here are eight bold new ideas, inspired by nature.

Game-changing ideas begin by seeing the possibilities for a sustainable world reflected in the living systems that surround us. That’s what we celebrate each year in the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.

“When we look at what is truly sustainable, the only real model that has worked over long periods of time is the natural world.”

Janine Benyus  / Co-founder, The Biomimicry Institute

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Support a new era of design

Imagine a world where everything we make is inspired by, and connected to, the natural world. With your support, this vision is becoming a reality. Learn how to join us in developing the next generation of innovators whose designs will help both people and planet thrive.

The next big idea in sustainability is probably a million years old. Join the Biomimicry Institute to discover nature’s wisdom.

The Biomimicry Global Network is my professional sounding board to hatch my ideas.

Gamelihle Sibanda, Biomimicry South Africa

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