Day 7: Choose an OLogy!

“OLogy” means “the study of” —
what will you learn today?

The Biomimicry Institute provides tools to develop sustainable solutions for a balanced ecosystem by empowering people to learn and apply nature-inspired strategies in design. We offer access to free online resources, design challenges where people learn by practicing, support for bringing solutions to market, and serve as a connective tissue for a global network of innovators.

Explore nature’s solutions and the ideas they’ve inspired with this powerful, free online tool.

Teach STEM in a whole new way with a biomimicry challenge tailored for 6-12th grade learners.

Create solutions inspired by nature that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Get the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to turn a biomimicry project into a successful startup.

Win the $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize for your nature-inspired innovation to help scale proven solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

Connect with the thousands of nature-inspired innovators across the world working to practice, teach, and spread biomimicry in their region.

The Latest from our Programs and Challenges

Announcing the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize finalists!

We are proud to share the 9 finalist teams competing for the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize! From eliminating toxic paints and dyes, to providing a regenerative approach to marine infrastructure, these game-changing companies were chosen as finalists out of 190 applications, spanning 42 countries. Stay tuned for the announcement of who will take home this year’s prize in June!

Challenging students to think
in wild new ways!

In the Youth Design Challenge (YDC), students become biomimicry innovators, working in teams to apply scientific information and engineering practices to create nature-inspired solutions to climate change problems. Listen to last year’s winning YDC team member speak about their biomimicry inspiration onstage at Bioneers 2019 and stayed tuned for this year’s winners announcement in May.

Are you ready to share a brilliant biomimicry idea?

How many #degreesofchange can you make with nature as your mentor? The Biomimicry Global Design Challenge (BGDC) invites you to create solutions inspired by nature that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The submission deadline has been extended to June 1, 2020.


“The Promise of Biomimicry”

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Film by Leila Connors of Tree Media

The Latest from Asking Nature

Asking Nature a Day,
Keeps the Doctor Away

Over millions of years of competition and adaptation, nature has produced the ultimate medicine cabinet. Pharmaceutical companies have caught on – bioprospecting to learn how human health can benefit from Mother Nature’s medicines. First time hearing about this? It’s biomimicry in action, and it’s a bigger part of our lives already than you probably realize. As a warming climate increases the presence of infectious diseases and global pandemics, life-saving treatments are in higher demand than ever. Hopefully researchers can find these miraculous natural molecules and sustainably develop drugs before it’s too late. It’s a race against ourselves – humans and the sixth mass extinction of the world’s biodiversity.

Announcing the 2020
Ray of Hope Prize Finalists!

The Biomimicry Institute and Ray C. Anderson Foundation are proud to announce the 9 finalist teams competing for the 2020 Ray of Hope Prize®. These cutting-edge startups are advancing nature-inspired solutions that address a wide range of problems. From eliminating toxic paints and dyes, to providing a new, regenerative approach to marine infrastructure, these game-changing companies are providing a ray of hope in the world today.

Connecting: A Letter from Beth

More than anything, we wanted to reach out with care and, as is our penchant, some nature-inspired strategies. As an organization that advocates modeling nature, many have asked us to comment on how we humans might respond to this global viral outbreak, adapt, and become resilient. In the interest of compassionate communication, I’d like to offer a thought about what we might do after this forced, difficult, collective pause.

To the Dunes! How Biomimicry Inspires Indiana Middle School Students

If you haven’t traveled to Indiana, you likely haven’t heard about the Indiana Dunes. Along the shores of Lake Michigan there lies an unusual, natural sand dune, created by a glacier that retreated over 12,000 years ago.  Filled with rich biodiversity, the Dunes make a perfect place for learners at any age to find inspiration from nature’s resilient adaptability.


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Imagine a world where everything we make is inspired by, and connected to, the natural world. With your support, this vision is becoming a reality. Learn how to join us in developing the next generation of innovators whose designs will help both people and planet thrive.

The next big idea in sustainability is probably a million years old. Join the Biomimicry Institute to discover nature’s wisdom.

Biomimicry directs us to where we need to go in every aspect in human endeavor.

Paul Hawken, Thought Leader, Author

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