Are you a youth educator using biomimicry in your programs? If so, a group of biomimicry educators working in partnership with the Biomimicry Institute is interested in hearing about your experience through the Biomimicry Educators Experience Survey.

The goal of the survey is to share the value of bringing nature-inspired lesson plans into the classroom. By highlighting your stories, we can help other educators add biomimicry into their curriculum and give more students access to biomimicry education. We also hope to demonstrate how teaching youth about biomimicry can support science standards and other subjects in both formal and non-formal settings.

The Biomimicry Institute hosts the annual Youth Design Challenge, which gives teachers free curriculum for biomimicry. Your response will directly help the organization better understand how biomimicry is being taught and what needs exist in this type of education.

Have you developed a lesson or unit that you would like to share with other educators? What resources and materials are you using? What’s working and what’s not? Perhaps you have an inspiring story you would like to share about how biomimicry helped one of your students or they helped the local community. Please share your experience!

Responses are requested by Friday, February 28. To share your story, visit: Biomimicry Educators Experience Survey.

The stories you provide will be reviewed by the group of educators in partnership with the Institute. With your permission, we would like to share your stories across multiple platforms, including AskNature, the Institute’s newsletter, blog, and social media sites.

 Thank you for helping us engage other educators to inspire their students with biomimicry.



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