Can human designs give more to the planet than they take? We need a new generation of innovators, who know how to create man-made materials, products, and systems that are regenerative, circular, and generous to all species.

We challenge you to learn how to design generously in the newly-launched Biomimicry Global Design Challenge and Youth Design Challenge.


Are you a middle school or high school educator who is looking for a project-based learning experience that combines science, engineering, and nature? You can teach your students to think in wild new ways with the Youth Design Challenge.

The Youth Design Challenge is a hands-on learning experience and design competition that challenges middle and high school students to create nature-inspired climate change solutions. With free, standards-aligned curricula, rubrics, implementation suggestions and instructional support, you can help your students explore phenomena in the natural world to create real-world climate change solutions and win prizes.

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“Knowing you have done or made something that could save or help someone’s day is probably one of the best feelings in the world. We are really glad we entered into this competition, because it really helped us learn a lot about ourselves, biomimicry, and why it is important to conserve nature.”

– SunTile Team, Punahou Middle School, Hawaii; First Place- Middle School


Whether you’re a university educator looking for a project-based learning experience, a university student eager to learn biomimicry by applying it to real-world climate change issues, or a professional looking to apply a new lens on your work, the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge can help you (or your students) become a new kind of innovator.

The Biomimicry Institute and the Ray C. Anderson Foundation are issuing a challenge to look to our planet’s living systems to create solutions to climate change, including energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, food systems, transportation, water management, coastal communities, fossil fuel usage, and more.

You’ll learn biomimicry in action, plus get the chance to win cash prizes. Challenge winners are invited to join the Biomimicry Launchpad and compete for the Ray C. Anderson Foundation’s $100,000 Ray of Hope Prize®.

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“The Challenge and Launchpad helped me to realize what I want to do in my future life. Over the last year, I learned so many new skills. In September 2015, I did not even know what does the word “pitch” meant. Now we are presenting our project in front of famous investors.”

– Zuzana Toncikova (Slovakia), BIOcultivator

Photo: Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz



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