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Theme-Based Groups

Biomimicry Youth Group

Contact [email protected] to be connected.

Biomimicry Professionals

Learn more and join at

Biomimicry Works

Visit to join the virtual and physical group connecting for biomimicry in industry.

Joining the Biomimicry Global Network

When you create a network group in your physical location or area of interest, you gain credibility and recognition from having a connection with our esteemed organization, get access to information and resources before the general public, and if interested, could be trained and recruited to be one of our speakers on behalf of the global community.

Additional Benefits:

Placement on our Global Network map

Sharing news/events across our social media channels 

Inclusion in our newsletter when relevant 

Invitation to contribute to Biomimicry Institute blog and Medium channel

Personal private Slack group on our Biomimicry Global Network platform

Opportunities for events, interviews, and speaking if interested

Start a Network Group

If you don’t see a location or theme that resonates, and you are inspired to spread biomimicry, start your own!

Steps to Starting a Group
Here are some first steps to starting a network in your region, around a general theme or issue, or within your profession:
1. Discover who is already learning and applying biomimicry in your region, on an issue, or in an industry profession. These early adopters may become members of your core network group and speakers for future meetings.
  • Reach out to researchers, biologists, chemists, and engineers at universities, educators at K-12 schools and universities, local business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are designing biomimetic products, architects, and planners who might be applying biomimicry at the building or city scale, or designers who are looking for the latest in new design strategies. You will be amazed at who you will meet.
  • Join the Biomimicry Global Network Slack Group: This is a space for our budding community to connect, find project partners, and share resources. Join on Slack here.
2. Curate a core group of 5 or more people with diverse backgrounds to champion the start of your network. Diversity of perspective, professions, and industries are key to bringing the skills necessary to attract, connect, educate, and catalyze new biomimicry applications.
3. Learn more about biomimicry. We’ve designed a guide to help you introduce the primary lessons to any age or discipline that is not yet familiar with the concept of biomimicry: The Community Guide to Putting Nature Back into Human Nature. Engage your core group and emerging network participants in learning opportunities. Explore more learning resources.
4. Create a catalytic event, project, or general mission that will advance your network’s understanding and practice of biomimicry. (And tell us so we can share!)
5. Finally, apply to join the Biomimicry Global Network by filling out this survey. It will take about 15 minutes to complete and includes all the necessary components you’ll need to be considered, including: 
  • Proposed name of group
  • Names, titles, and organizations of core group members and their background in biomimicry
  • Mission and proposed events
  • Main point of contact for renewal and network news
General Guidelines to Starting a Group

Before requesting to start a new group, please check the Global Network map and theme-based groups to make sure there isn’t another one that already exists. 

Your group must check in with our team and renew your purpose or share an update every 2 years; once you are confirmed as a group, there will be a more simple form to fill out, and we will reach out a month in advance of your 2-year period to review. 

You are not allowed to use Biomimicry Institute logos on any materials without the approval of the organization. This also means the Biomimicry Institute logo cannot be your group’s logo. Your group is welcome to create your own logo.

Groups are no longer limited to location-based affiliation. You are also encouraged to start a group that is based around a common interest (like Biomimicry for Agriculture) or a non-location-based group (such as Biomimicry for Plastic Innovation or Biomimicry for Fashion).

If starting a group on behalf of your university or school, please keep the group active by choosing a new contact lead to work with our group so we can maintain the status of your network—and you decentralize your leaders to keep the activity going after graduation!

Regional, theme-based, and professional groups are independent organisms, not legally affiliated with the Institute, or each other. Together, we are collaborating in the formation of regional and global structures that help spread biomimicry and catalyze the application of biomimicry.

“As a co-founder of the ‘Biomimicry India Network’ we hope to spread and embed biomimicry thinking in Indian education, design, business and policy. With a population of nearly 1.3 billion people and a rapid pace of urbanization, biomimicry thinking can contribute towards building a sustainable, inclusive, and equitable India.”
Seema Anand

Architect, Biomimicry India, co-founder

“I joined BiomimicryNYC because I believe that nature is the model that we should emulate to create a better world. It has also been a great way to connect to like minded professionals to work together for greater impact in our community.”
Chris Garvin

Sustainability Consultant, BiomimicryNYC, member

Stories from the Network

Regional Networks are tackling sustainability challenges at the local level, improving their communities while raising awareness of biomimicry. Professional Networks are spreading and advancing the practice and philosophy of biomimicry within their fields. Here are a few outstanding projects that are happening across the globe.

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