Veracruz Biomimicry + Design Expedition

Veracruz workshop

Postponed until July 2021: Stay tuned for new updates to come

This event is designed for teachers, faculty, students, and professionals seeking an intensive, interdisciplinary, and experiential introduction to biomimicry in a vibrant natural setting.

This expeditionary workshop will open your eyes, your brain, and your heart to new ways of engaging in the world around you. Along with international colleagues from a variety of disciplines, you’ll explore ten different ecosystems (alpine, grassland, conifer forest, desert, volcanic lake, cloud forest, tropical evergreen forest, tropical oak forest, rainforest, mangroves) in Mexico’s beautiful Veracruz State as you learn to see nature differently and work your way through the biomimicry methodology to solve a design challenge. During this workshop, you’ll also be invited to hike, swim, raft, take a night walk through the rainforest, explore with all your senses, and learn in an open-air classroom.

The learning begins in the heart of Mexico City with a lecture and introductory session in the classroom. The next day we’ll leave for Veracruz and begin a 7-day learning adventure in which we’ll explore each of those diverse ecosystems while deepening our ability to listen to, learn from, and echo nature. En route to Veracruz, we’ll spend one night in a local village before arriving at the beautiful Talloguaya Camp located in a rainforest preserve along the shore of the Bobos River.

Cost and Travel Details:

Early bird rates to be adjusted upon rescheduling and will include all meals and accommodations for the 7-day journey and stay in Veracruz, as well as three nights lodging in Mexico City. Tuition does not include travel costs to and from Mexico City, to and from the airport, or food costs while in the city. Email [email protected] with any questions or for more information.

What people say about the expedition:

“Some of the best 10 days of my life, not only learning about this fantastic field of study but also growing as a person. I have become more centered with our planet and have developed life-long friends from this journey. Having left with a desire to do more and a great love for Mexico and our planet as a whole.”

“Little did I know this workshop would have such a great impact in my way of thinking and seeing nature.”

“To say this workshop was life changing would be the understatement of the century. From the extraordinary locations, to the locally-sourced food, to the perception-shifting activities, I was blown away every step of the journey. I could not be more grateful to have been a part of this exceptional group of young minds whom I truly believe have the ability to change the world with biomimicry!”

Stay updated for when we will return to Veracruz.

Meet the Instructors:

Lex Amore

Lex achieved her Master of Science degree from Biomimicry from Arizona State University in 2018 and has since dedicated her life to furthering nature-inspired design through education. She has advocated for sustainability thought leaders for the past decade, bringing expertise in writing and strategic communications to each project aimed at making a positive impact on the world.

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As Communications Director for the Biomimicry Institute, Lex guides the communications strategy and utilizes the power of public relations to build relationships with key influencers in an effort to further the practice of biomimicry across audiences. She has also received extensive training from the Climate Reality Leadership Program, LEED, and in sustainable design by working with a multitude of industry leaders across the globe. Her ultimate mission is to inspire others with actionable, positive movement forward using bio-inspired innovation and community collaboration.

Raul de Villafranca

Raul de Villafranca is a Mexican ecological architect with 34 years of professional practice on an ample scale and variety of projects, including housing, master plans, and a strategic connectivity plan for the Mexico-USA border.

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With a specialization in bamboo architecture, biomimicry, and regenerative design, Mr. de Villafranca is the Founder of Ecología y Habitat; NGO creator of Filobobos Natural Protected Area, and an active participant in social equity and conservation projects. In his work he integrates deep ecology, ecological literacy, holistic systems thinking, integrated design process, biomimicry and regenerative design and development.

In addition to an undergraduate degree in architecture, he has acquired a Green MBA and is a professor at Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City since 1979. Mr. de Villafranca often speaks at national and international forums, mainly in Latin American universities in Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador.

Mr. de Villafranca is seen as a key player in the Biomimicry movement in Mexico and Latin America. He has been a member of the sustainability group and the ecological movement inside the architecture program at Universidad Iberoamericana since 2003 and a fellow at the Biomimicry Institute and biomimicry professor since 2006. Additionally, he forms a part of the Regenesis Mexico core group, practicing this discipline in professional and academic arenas.

Delfín Montañana

Delfín is a biologist and on the Faculty of Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and holds a Master of Projects for Urban Development degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA).

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He is also an instructor in the architecture department at UIA and serves as coordinator of the Sustainability Program Masteries Center for Research and Learning Environment (CIAMA) at the University of Environment (UMA). As part of the consulting platform Bio-Logic-Urbana, he assists in developing architectural and urban projects that seek to link cities with their original ecosystems and regenerate the system overall. He has been an instructor for the Veracruz Biomimicry & Design Workshop for the past five years.

Sayuri Yamanaka

Sayuri Yamanaka is a Regenerative Food Specialist. Born in Mexico, she has a master degree in Environmental Sciences and has participated as a Community Organizer for urban farms since 2013.

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Sayuri’s main work is to engage families to promote local seasonal food with culturally-appropriate strategies. She also hosts design trainings to help community members to gain additional communication/outreach skills.

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