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Section of Zygote Quarterly Cover Art, Issue 1

If you are curious about the converging worlds of biology, technology, and design, and searching for ways to understand it and use it in your life, then you should check out the online magazine Zygote Quarterly. The second issue recently came out, and it’s as beautiful and packed with information as the first.

Zygote Quarterly’s mission is “to establish a credible platform showcasing the nexus of science, technology and creativity in the field of biologically inspired design, using case studies, news and articles that are exemplary in their impact on the field, rigorous in their methodology, and relevant to today’s reader.”

Did we mention it’s beautiful? This is no dry read, but inspiring in its design, prose, and content. It’s filled with articles, photos, diagrams, interviews, opinion pieces, and tools. For example, in the second issue, there is an interview with Thom Knittel from the architectural firm HOK in which he mentions his firm’s pro bono work on Project Haiti Orphanage and Children’s Center. There’s also an article by Tom McKeag going into detail on the kingfisher- and owl-inspired features of the Shinkansen Train, with two dozen diagrams and photos.



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